UFO Replies and alittle bit of spice~

Fancam – Taemin Bodyshake at Konyang University

What kind of guy is Onew? He’s like a milk, according to Star Golden Bell’s Soojung.

May 23rd to 27th

Onew Jonghyun Key UFO Replies

2010.05.23 22:18
Fan: [Jonghyun] Jonghyuh-nah~ won’t you appear todayㅠㅠ? Yap yap ㅠㅠ
Jonghyun: I appeared ㅋㅋ
Credit: 둥이샤둥이 @ HEEINAE

2010.05.23 22:24
Fan: [Jonghyun] I waited an awful lot ㅠㅠ Do you know how much I missed you?! ㅠㅠ Jonghyun-ahHoneyMyman-nim~~ ㅋ
Jonghyun: Yup yup ㅎㅎ
Credit: 둥이샤둥이 @ HEEINAE

2010.05.23 23:08
Fan: [OnewJonghyun] I’m going on a mathematics trip~ you’re jealous, right? ㅋ You have to be jealous they’re even giving us chicken as a snack ㅋㅋ
Jonghyun: ㅋㅋ Sure I’m jealous, really
김키구멍 @ HEEINAE

2010.05.23 23:09
Fan: [Jonghyun] I went to Smoothie King today and thought of you, honey ♥ When will we go-go-ssing together~?? How about it??
Jonghyun: ㅎㅎ Sorry I’m a member
Credit: 둥이샤둥이 @ HEEINAE

2010.05.23 23:11
Fan: [Jonghyun] Honey~ You didn’t catch a cold, right? Since it rained yesterday ㅠㅠ I wore a raincoat and cheered too!! ♥
Jonghyun: Thank you~~
Credit: 둥이샤둥이 @ HEEINAE

2010.05.24 23:09
Fan: [Onew] If you just tell me to study hard I’m going to go to Seoul University please just tell me that one thing Onew-nim..
Onew: Please study hard ^^
빛나는내남자 @ HEEINAE

2010.05.26 00:56
Fan: [Jonghyun] so i love you~
Jonghyun: Yup yup ㅎ
방귀대장뿡빵이 @ HEEINAE

2010.05.26 00:56
Fan: [Jonghyun] Jjo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jonghyun: Wha-a-a-a-a-at
날아라훈남쥔기 @ HEEINAE

2010.05.26 00:56
Fan: [OnewJonghyun] Since it’s time to go to bed just one kiss ㅎㅅㅎ
Jonghyun: kiss

2010.05.26 13:38
Fan: [Jonghyun] I have a date today? You’re jealous right ㅋㅋㅋ
Jonghyun: I have a date too

2010.05.27 16:38
Fan: [Jonghyun] My back hurts because I lifted something heavy ㅠ Jonghyun-ah ㅠ
Key: When your back hurts…um…
호현지기♡ @ UFO Town

2010.05.27 16:39
Fan: [Onew] I’m Onew Condition
Key: Me too
기범해바라기 @ HEEINAE

Credit: as tagged, YT-bers, alicechen@SSS, live laugh love@ SSS, UFO Town

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3 thoughts on “UFO Replies and alittle bit of spice~

  1. Fan: [Jonghyun] Jjo-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-ong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Jonghyun: Wha-a-a-a-a-at

    asdfghjk~~~ Jjong!

  2. LOLOLOLOLOLRFOLMAO does these fans actually THINK what they want to ask i mean their answers are also sarcastically hilarioussss!!!!!! jeeeezzz!!!! i just cant imagine telling them and askin “i have a date r u jealousss!?!!”
    siiiiiigh. XXDD

    • yea i totaly agree XD
      I mean u cn so tell tht thy r sacastic especially jonghyun oppa …
      i wondeer what the fans think tho whn they c their replies 😛
      *sigh* …

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