Dream concert dream concert

드림콘서트~!정말너무나도 사랑하는 슈퍼주니어!소녀시대!샤이니!f(x)!행복한시간이였다..우리가족들 사랑합니다♥우리는~~!!sm…타~~~~~운이에요!!!

Dream Concert~! Truly loving everyone, Super Junior! SNSD! SHINee! f(x)! We had a great time..We love our families♥We are~~!! SM…T~~~~~OWN!!!

SHINee @ Dream Concert:

wow, they actually have fireworks 8D it’s so cool, everyone’s waving they’re light sticks and we can hear them singing along XD

that actually kinda shocked me

hmmm and a little bonus:

source apple korea + brilliant legacy + must romantic + pleasex3
re-upload eijisatoshi
shared by weareshining (WRS) and as tagged YT-bers

Posted by Yimin – Admin 23thMay2010


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