Loads more!

When Ring Ding Dong mixes with Mr Boogie:

Onew live – 내가 너의 곁에 잠시 살았다는 걸 (That I was once by your side) at Sukira

Onew at KTR 1/2

Onew at KTR 2/2

SHINee Cut at Star King

JJong High Notes Collection – Juliette

Key imitating Cheondung’s Rap @ Raising an Idol

Taemin drops his mic again! XD

Raising Idol Ep 7 (Full)






It would be nice if fans can give them a breather, a big big one:

Minho! Our cute and “must-win” member! 😀

Taeminnie! Cute blunder you’ve got there!

Onew ENT’s Interview

Onew Dances to NU A-B-O at Musical!

SHINee at Be Ready Anytime!

Jong Hyun with Fan girls!

Jong Hyun with Fan girls!

Key: Annyeong Noona!

Did yoogeun improved? (:

SHINee at Star King Ep 163

JJong Fanmade Video: Smiles

Wonder Girls talk about Taeminnie!

Credits: as tagged YT-bers, SSS, WRS, Baidu, SME

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