SHINee- Jojo fancam

I ❤ Onew and key’s english XD

I went by comics connection today,  and i saw this huge shinee poster and shinee clocks and stickers and such XD

Cr: dirah9302 ,  WRShiniung @ yt

Posted by Yimin- Admin 3rdMay2010


4 thoughts on “SHINeeeeeee

  1. tehehe i bought tht huge poster of SHINee ^_^ as well as the 12 posters in 1 set ahh thy r all over my room >_<
    its the size of my desk 😀
    n i also got SHINee folders, keychains, pencil cases,passport holder, stickers n photots 🙂
    yea i saw the tees but thy only had snsd cause shinee sold out ;(
    my room has offically become shinnee 😛

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