Fandom Random Videos again (:

Taemin rings the bell!


Mash mix JJong!

Credit: original youtube uploaders

Posted by Yan Ting

Japanese tabloid Friday has reported a very odd scandal

In the magazine, it said, TVXQ’s Changmin is there to see Yunho’s (Michael Jackson tribute) performance. He is sitting in the VIP area with a mysterious woman.”

In the photo, Changmin is indeed in a performance area, he’s seated and surrounded by ladies but…the lady he is seen with is SHINee’s Minho!

That’s quite hilarious, I must say.

Netizens commented,
“Minho’s first scandal is with Changmin.”
“He’s a man!”
“Minho, congrats on your Japan debut.”

A netizen uploaded this photo and titled it “[Scan] Our Minho FRIDAY Debut!” on an online bulletin board. How funny is this?


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