SHINee’s Video Cuts! UFO Replies too…

Has this been uploaded before? Well, doesn’t hurt to watch it again right? (:

Some special Hello Baby Episode 13 Cuts!

Can Taemin just get any cuter than this!!! XD

GREAT GREAT ONKEY MOMENT!!! Not for the weak-hearted Shawols, definitely. XD

Ouchie Key appa!

Some Onew Fancam on the musical!

Okay, he’s so cute in this video!


100331 Taemin’s UFO Message
Special Sock Preference

I have been hiding something I like for the sake of everyone since I always work hard to show my cool image, but this time it is a surprise for everyone. So from that, nothing but socks were collected and I only looked at the collection of character-drawn patterned socks.

100412 Taemin’s UFO Message

Picked as “Worst Papa”

“Ah~ I didn’t want to admit it..I was hurt~ Why was I picked as the ‘Worst Papa’? I seriously don’t know what kids want, really! I worked so hard to be the dad that was on the same level as kids, did I think wrong?”

100402 Jonghyun’s UFO Message
Graffiti Terror Incident

That’s right, the incident left us with a lot of wounds and these incidents caused fevers. Though the captured photos caused laughter among the fans, was it a big laugh? Did you explode laughing? But anyway, the team killer out of us finished—
(Jonghyun’s message was cut off)

100414 Jonghyun’s UFO Message

Four-dimensional Jonghyun
I’m four-dimensional*? That’s not true, that’s biased. Probably it’s because of my blood type, right? If AB types aren’t geniuses, they’re’s like “Jonghyun, are you also, by any chance..?” But it’s not like that. Now you can’t judge someone by their blood type.*

“four-dimensional” implies that the person is complex

100405 Minho’s UFO Message
Ready to be a Dad

Ready to be a dad..Next time, what affect will it have on your reactions? I divided them into two predictions. “It’s unexpected!” or “Just as I thought..” you get it? Or will you never understand?

100407 Key’s UFO Message

I Graduated

Yes, we all thought about it once when we were young..Even though it’s vague, still as we”When I become 20 years old, what would it feel like? What would I look like?”..had those thoughts, right? I also had those thoughts and, in no time, I became 20 years old! (laughs)

100409 Onew’s UFO Message

Conquest of Baby-phobia

Some people said “isn’t that your concept?”…You meant the image from the first time I met Yoogeun, right? That image became a dream. On “Hel-be,” “Hello Baby” I became Yoogeun’s cute, lovable and friendly dad, you know that right?

Source: UFO Town, SHINee Soompi

Translation: joodit@WRS

Credits: WRS, Youtube uploaders, Creditors from uploader


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