SHINee tears up on Hello Baby season finale

On April 6th (KST), KBS JOY will air its last episode of SHINee’s Hello Baby as the members teared up on screen.

SHINee began season 2 of Hello Baby back in January and has since spent 3 months playing the role of fathers to a young child. Unfortunately, things had to come to an end ultimately, and so the members created a time capsule for their baby to remember them.

During this, leader Onew said, “Would he remember us when he’s turned 20?” This question definitely caused the other members to think deeply as well on whether or not their “son” would remember them.

In the final moments, one particular member tore up and cried himself a river. Who was this member? You’ll just have to watch the finale to find out!

Since the first season was a girl group and the second season was a guy group, will the third season be a girl group again? Any guesses as to who will be appearing on season 3?

OMO OMO OMO!! Who cried? Gahhh our SHINee boys will definitely miss yoogeun ): This is sad TT.TT kinda makes me feel like crying…rumored to be Taemin or Key or Jonghyun? And it’s also rumored that SHINee made a time capsule for yoogeun to open when he is 20…OMG thats damn sweet…Gahh…i’m not sure though…Lets wait for the next ep then….


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13 thoughts on “OMO OMO OMO!!!

  1. YOOGEUN ='(
    I cried watching the video …
    aniwaez i made that video for Jonghyun birthday tribute …
    the last one .. thx for picking mine…
    i’ll do my best next time ..
    i was shocked i was picked ..

  2. when i read this i feel like crying..
    I think the one who cry is minho or key…
    so fast end hello baby i will miss SHINee and yooguen

  3. i think its minho coz he really thinks of yooguen as his own son. but key can too coz he is emotional.. feeling like crying! TT_TT

  4. huhu ! sadd sadd.
    Hmm, i guess is either key, minho or jonghyun.
    Oh maybe taemin ? gahhs.
    Or maybe onew. LOL, dont know shall know it when ep12 comes out ^_^

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