SHINee Hello Baby to end at ep12!!

“샤이니의 헬로베이비”가 4월13일 밤12시10분 방송을 끝으로 모든 방송이 종료됩니다.

“샤이니의 헬로베이비” 마지막방송 안내

4월 6일 (화) 밤12시10분 – 제12회 (마지막방송)
4월13일 (화) 밤12시10분 – 1회~12회까지의 미공개영상 & 에피소드 하이라이트 방송.

On April 13th 12:10 a.m. all broadcasts of “SHINee’s Hello Baby” will be terminated.

“SHINee’s Hello Baby” Last Broadcast Information

Tuesday, April 6 12:10 a.m. – (Last Broadcast)
Tuesday, April 13 12:10 a.m. – Highlights Broadcast of episodes 1~12.

Translation Credit: simone
Credit: SHINee Forums
Source Finder: simone

Omo….It’s gna end…): Imma miss yoogeun T.T But our SHINee boys will get their rest le (:

(Jonghyun’s bdae in 5 days!!! :D)

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31 thoughts on “SHINee Hello Baby to end at ep12!!

  1. OMG~~~WHY?? why does it have to end so soon….miss yoogeun + SHINee’s appa~~~
    now i know why they went on a trip on the last 2 episodes…so sad..cuz yoogeun still cant rmb minho appa even thou minho play with him everytime~~~so sad epi will be the last…with april 13th the re-cap of epi 1~12

  2. Im going to create a tribute for jonghyun’s birthday on youtube …

    So please watch and comment ..

    my youtube account name is yayacutie97

  3. I WILL MISS YOOGEUN + SHINee APPAS!! But oh well, i will watch every episodes all over again!<3 I hope that SHINee will still keep in touch with yoogeunie. & they will continue HB next time. Esp when i think that the viewership is good!:) Cheers for their comeback stage too!!<3

  4. i wish they’d show it on kbsworld! ): i’d still watch the reruns! T__T

    but i guess they do deserve a rest. after all, they’ve been on quite a few shows, and key has that raising idol gig. they’re probably just re-energizing themselves for their comeback! 🙂

    but still, i’m gonna miss hello baby so much! i hope we’ll see and hear a LOT more from them! SHINEE, FIGHTING! T 3T

    • Im guessing cause SNSD is 9 members & SHINee is only 5 cause most of SNSD members doesnt have much schedule thats why maybe SHINee has lesser episodes and also, they are preparing for a comeback.

  5. Nooooooooooooooooooo~
    Man, I am so gonna miss Yoogeun 😦
    I love SHINee family!~
    It feels like 11 episode pass so fast. 😦

    Maybe they want to focus on their comeback?

  6. nnnooooooo… it cnt b i luv this show 😦
    n im soo gonna miss yoogeunee
    well i hope it does cm bk 🙂
    SHINee fighting ~!

  7. Soooooooooooooooooo sad! ): I want to see Yoo Geun and SHINee! (: Omg, i dont want Hello Baby to endddddd! ):

  8. i’m gonna miss yoogeun so much and of cos shinee. Can they comeback for a second season?. I guess they stop cos they are promoting on their new album.

    i want to have SHINee hello baby season 2!

  9. Uh ! gonna miss yoogeun ):
    But its the time to let shinee to rest well yeah (:
    Stay tune for their comeback ^_^
    Saranghae, fighting ! 😀

  10. Nooooooooo!!!! Sigh how sad. Now I’m only left with Raising Idol to watch key. 😦 Wonder when is the exact date of their comebck this month! Anybody knows where I can watch raising idol with eng subs?? 😦

    • SFI says they are gonna subbed his cuts so lets wait for it to come out kay? & if u search it youtube, you might find it with eng sub somewhere but of course, its not hardsubbed.

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