SHINee’s Dorm

I read this post last time, I don’t know if you read it bfore, so imma just post it?


bed arrangment: in case if you’re not sure, the first top bunk on the left is jonghyun’s and below it, is taemin’s. In the center is onew’s bed (: On the left, the pink bedsheet one, is key’s and below it is minho’s XD


If u watched yunhanam, the kitchen looks familiar doesnt it? Hehs and the shoes rack is neat XP I mean they’re 7 guys living together (our boys and 2 manager) (:


Wow the bookself…i wonder if the big card ontop is made by a fan…? And the awards table is cute XD


Minho opening a fridge…he’s holding banana milk…Hmmm do our shinee boys like banana milk? I think yoogeun likes banana milk too…hehs (: I’ve never tried it though


Jongkey in they’re computer room (: And the other pictue…I don’t know what that is, but i assume its a doll, and its by key’s bed? coz of the pink blankie? I’m just guessing XD

 This is cute XP

SHINee’s Dormitory Attack Part 1- What Is The Smell Of His Room?

Group SHINee has released their mini album ‘Romeo’ after just 4 months and has since returned to their activities. Their title track ‘Juliette’ has managed to reign top on many different music rankings after just one day of release, managing to receive first place on the comeback stage on KBS2 TV Music Bank. Debuting for a year but yet being able to steal the hearts of fans with their music and performance is definitely no easy feat and they are already one of the highest popularity idol groups in the music industry.

SHINee has shed their tender baby image and is starting to exude the air of man. The members are also taller than normal middle and high schoolers by about 3-4cm.

Looking at SHINee through the camera, one can only use the word “shiny” to describe them. Looking at those shiny eyes, the shy smiles, it’s as if they are princes who have just walked out of a fairy tale. So how are the princes like in real life?

The virgins in their thirties did a sudden interview attack at the boys’ dormitory in Seoul, Apgujeong.

So Clean…

SHINee’s apartment that is right at the top floor of the condominium is so serene. It’s hard to imagine that the the house with 7 men (including 2 managers) can be kept so clean. From the shoe rack, kitchen, living room and even the beds, it’s in a perfect state that no fault can be found with it.
Onew said with a smile, “Because there’s a ahjumma who will come and clean up everyday, and also cook for us delicious food. Us~ Other than just resting comfortably in the dorm, we don’t need to do anything, that’s why it’s not that messy.”

What To Offer?

The gentle Minho walked quietly to the fridge. “Have a drink….” The way he holds on to the banana milk is as if he is filming a CF, before finally walking out with the milk in his hands. Full of banana milk, and many different flavors of Yakult and other such yogurt drinks. “Oh~ Not inside the fridge!” The members stopped us instantly. The fridge is full of food that is essential for the members’ growth.

Wow! It’s The Bedroom!

The reporter feels that the most eyecatching place is the bedroom. What will the air be like in the bedroom of 5 adorable dongsengs? From the front, it’s 2 double decker beds with Onew’s single bed in the middle. Key’s bed could be seen at a glance, the pink bedsheet along with the photo decorations and pretty accessories at just as cute as Key! The bottom bed belongs to Minho who loves sports, where the uniform of his favorite soccer team is hung. The top bed on the right is Jonghyun’s sleeping area, crisp and clean. The bottom bed is Taemin’s and there are books like textbooks on the bed. It’s easy to identify the members through the atmosphere around their beds.

Teens Will Always Be Teens

The home that no faults can be found. Looking at the book shelf in the corner, it’s full of Slam Dunk, One Piece, Phantay Star, KAIJI and other such interesting mangas. Jonghyun said, “These mangas are gifts from fans. When we do not have any schedule, the members will read them together. This is a place that all the members like, it’s a precious treasure.”

SHINee Playing Games!

When asked “What do you usually do to kill time?”, Minho smiled and took out their game station, “When we have time to rest, I will take out the game station to play games, I like to play games related to sports.” Members also expressed that “We used to like going out to play basketball and jogging, but because our schedule is too packed, so we can only replace that with playing sports games.”

The Room To Communicate With The World

Entering the room with many books and a computer, there are books such as The Heart Of A Shepherd, Outside World and 100 plus more bestsellers. Taemin said, “I am still reading The Heart Of A Shepherd, there are many more books that I have not read, I only read about half of them. Unknowingly, Key came to sit down in front of the computer and entered into SHINee’s homepage. Key said, “We always go in to read the messages left by fans, and we always feel strengthened when we see words of support. Now thinking about how we are going to see the fans soon through our Romeo album, I am really excited!”

SHINee Who’s Received All Newcomer Awards In Korea

The television is usually placed right in the middle of the living room, but SHINee is different, they packed the television into the corner of the living room, and showcased all of the trophies and awards they won last year. Just counting the trophies alone, there are 16 of them.
‘Last year, you all won all the Newcomer Awards in Korea.’ Upon hearing this, Jonghyun said “Just looking at the awards, we feel very happy, with the most confident look, we hope to receive awards this year too.” In the one year since SHINee’s debut, they have received at least one award every month.

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12 thoughts on “SHINee’s Dorm

  1. LOL!!!!
    Key sleeps on a PINK bed!
    In the post, they wrote it as ‘Gentle Minho…’ EEEEEEEK!
    I love them!


  2. soo cute our boys rlly now how to keep their rooms clean.
    i rlly wish i were their neighbors as well ^_^
    SHINee Fighting ~!
    Saranghae ❤

  3. Yep the milk tastes gooood! It’s kinda addictive & drank a few bottles when i was in Kr. I think SNSD did an ad for it (:

  4. I wonder if they have neighbours! hehex if only i’m a korean & knows where they stay. I will move there! hahaha (then i’ll get to see jonghyun everyday!) sooo cuteee dorm they’ve got!

  5. yup the dolly is on key’s bed coz if you see the bedroom picture, you can stop that dolly on key’s bed ^_^ i slept with a dolly too! but mine is rabbit thought.

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