Taemin’s teacher’s blog post

Hmmmm i came across this news in sfi… it was posted last year though…

She’s an American and teaching English subject–of course.

“Our other K-pop star, Tae Min, is a sophomore who is supposed to be in my 5th period on Tuesdays, but I guess he only comes to first period every day and then leaves. But today his homeroom teacher brought him into our office to meet the teachers. I did my best to be non-chalant and gave him a quick “Annyang haseyo” before he headed out the door. Really though, I was a little bit giddy and spent my free periods this afternoon doing ‘Shinee’ research, since I don’t know much about the group.

I found that not only is he babyface of the group (they always have one of them in boy bands) but he’s the best dancer. He’s usually front and center during the dance sequences. He declined a request by my co-teacher to pose for a picture because he wasn’t wearing any make-up. (The poor kid has a bit of an acne problem) But even without make up, he is a cute little bugger.”

well if u would like to have the link to the teacher’s blog : http://taryninkorea.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2009-06-01T07%3A11%3A00-07%3A00&max-results=7

she actually posts a few of shinee’s performances (eg. RDD MV and Jojo Live performances) but they were kinda deleted by youtube

cr: jaejunazun @ SFI and taemin’s teacher XD

Posted by Yimin- Admin 30thMarch 2010


6 thoughts on “Taemin’s teacher’s blog post

  1. She is so luckyyyyy 😀
    But since Taemin leaves class early, that means he doesn’t really get to learn alot . Poor Taemin, now its up to the other SHINee members to teach him huh . Don’t worry, he has lots of fans here to teach him English ! 🙂

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