Taemin with shorter hair? or my eyes o_O

i came across this fancam, and i realised….is taemin’s hair shorter?…or isit my eyes….

hmmmm is there any change in key’s hairstyle? (can’t be sure cause my eyesight cannot be trusted XD)

woot~ SHINee’s comebacks are nearing~(: are u as excited/more excited then me?

cr: video owner

Posted by Yimin- Admin 27thMarch2010


17 thoughts on “Taemin with shorter hair? or my eyes o_O

  1. it’s like they’ve kind of gone back to their debut days! xDD i’m so excited! i wonder what they have in store for us for their comeback! ❤

  2. somehow i feel that that their album need to have dark hair colour o-o
    key & jonghyun dye-d their hair colour darker.

    but i still love them ^^
    taemin-nie looks cute too 😀

  3. Im excited about their comeback too!!!
    tae’s hair is really shorter, looks refreshing(:
    and key’s fringe is longer too!
    they are all nice despite having diff hairstyles ^^

  4. ya taemin hair is shorter now..i think jonghyun taemin and key like all their hairstyles all change back to a.mi.go days…key’s fringe was liddat in a.mi.go…

  5. Yup his hair is shorter. I doubt key has any change in his hair since during the eawards he has been having a short hair already

  6. key dyed away his rainbow coloured fringe! and taemin’s hair is somewhat shorter, and thinner, not as thick already! no changes for minho and onew! haha

  7. taemin’s hair is definitely shorter
    i dont think key changed his hair, just that his fringe was styled the other way…

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