About our 2nd SHINee TShirts’ Batch

Hi! Okay, just a little update for those who still wish to/ those have already order our official SHINee TShirts.

For those who have already ordered:

Additional note: Payment for meet up is NOT paying up when you collect the shirt. Because we, are also students so we are unable to afford to fork out the money for the printing of the shirts for all of you guys time and again.

We sincerely think that you and I would be able to set a meet up date for the payment BEFORE we send in the orders to print since we’re not rushing our orders this time round. So we will have ample and loads of chances to meet up for collection of payment.

PS: We nearly empty our own pockets the last time when we fork out our own money just to order and pay for all the shirts even though we did manage to collect back those money through the buyers but please understand that we cannot be doing this every single time when we open our orders. Very sorry again…

We have already take note of those who wish to buy the shirt(s), don’t worry if you have not get a reply yet.

We will update the list of those who has placed their order(s) as the time goes by so remember to check out your name at our original order link on this Sunday.

Apologies first, if we accidentally missed out your order. Drop an email to notify us again yeah!

Please give us some more time to sort every thing out, reply to your orders etc because we are still planning to keep the orders open for quite some time before we send in for printing, probably when the orders hit 100+.

Probably we’ll open it for about 2-3 weeks more, but we still have to see if our target can be hit. Very much hope so!

I know you guys can’t wait to get the shirt! haha…

Very very sorry for the long wait!!!!

But we just want to ensure more SG Shawols can get the shirts this time round.

Questions on payment:

Whether is it through bank transfer, meetup, we will contact you guys again when we’re ready/ nearing the dates for collection. But it’s not so soon so no worries, no rush on this. But just another reminder!! It’s Very important!!!

If bank transfer was stated, REMEMBER TO KEEP THE TRANSACTION RECEIPT and MUST BE PRESENTED upon tshirt collection. Under ANY kind of circumstances, if there’s NO RECEIPT, it means = NO TSHIRT! Sorry, but please cooperate with us on this ok? We wouldn’t want any unhappy transactions with any of our SG Shawols so… yeah, please keep the receipt well!!!

Meetup for PAYMENT or TSHIRTS COLLECTION, are not set yet but it will be around the few centrals of mrt stations, for everyone’s convenience and fairness. Really hope all of you can understand.

We certainly do not wish to charge the buyers extra fees because they couldn’t meet us at the stations we’ve listed and for other various reasons.

For those who still wish to order:

PLEASE feel free to! (: The more the merrier! (:

Visit this link to read up on the tshirt details:


Especially on FAQ number 5 if one would wish to place his/her order(s). (:

Thank you all for reading this and again, apologies much for any inconvenience caused.


6 thoughts on “About our 2nd SHINee TShirts’ Batch

  1. I’m sorry, but I’ve sent you an e-mail regarding the T-shirts but have not yet received any response. I hope you could dropped me an e-mail soon. thanks. 😀

  2. I will like to order the shinee tee.
    thank u very much.
    I will wait.okies no prob.
    but must tell me when u need me to pay.

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