SHINee e awards fancam

wow…jonghyun and taemin looks….different (:



IMM [not very clear though]

credits: original video takers

posted by Yimin- Admin 14thMarch 2010


25 thoughts on “SHINee e awards fancam

  1. i went for both events.. still cant get enough of them.. hope they’ll have their own concert here. Thanks so much to all the fans who’ve shared their videos. I have some nice photos taken y’day. How do i share them here?

  2. at the showcase i saw alot of people wearing I Love (as in a heart) Shinee shirts. Anyone knows where to get them? Or…it is custom made? Lol.

  3. those fans are so lucky! I didnt even get to go for any of the events! =( On a side note, those fans were really annoying, screaming even when SHINee was speaking. Havent they heard of MANNERS?

    • Quite true. I understand that we are all excited becos SHINee is in Singapore. But we should allow them to talk. To show how enthu we are, i think its perhaps better to sing along at certain parts of the song instead of shouting.

  4. Yea the e awards was awesome! We waited so long! 4 hours and it was totally worth it! And it’s so obvious everyone was there for them! Hahaha. And yea, jjong looked really worn out, like troubled? hmmm.
    And for his performance outfit, the hair, the whole sideburn thing!!!!!
    Love the way his hair was styled. Really hope they hold a concert here please!

    Shinee hwaiting!!!

  5. ahh omo i wish i was at both 😦
    but sadly i cldnt make it
    ahh i rlly rllly hope shinee comes back again ^_^
    SHINee Fighting ~!

  6. WOOHOO! I LOVE YESTERDAY’s E-AWARDS! ITS FANTASTIC ELASTIC! 😀 but jonghyun looked a little tired? i wonder what happened..):

    i didn’t go for the album showcase, how was the event? *curious*

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